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6 Pack Deer Antler Velvet


* Health & Well-Being
* Boosted Immunity
* Increased Recover After Exercise
* Restoration of Joint & Muscle Function
* Reduction of Inflammation
* Sexual Health (Increased Libido)


100% Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet

Rich in biochemicals such as:

Growth Factors IGF-1GlucosamineChondroitin SulphateIron and bioavailable CalciumPure New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet has become a product of choice for those wanting to assist with their recovery from a hard work out, increase joint function, reduce symptoms of arthritis and general well being.

Additional Information

100% Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet is consumed to support vitality, longevity and wellbeing.

Deer Velvet beneficial in assisting in:

reduction of stress levels
improving physical performance & strength
improved recovery from injury or ill health
increased immune support
improving sexual function (for males & females)
athletic performance
recovery after exercise


We use only the Highest Quality extract processing in the world which uses all parts of the Antler – Tips/Uppers/Middle

By using the Tips, Uppers and Middle sections of the Antler we ensure that you get the highest grade Deer Velvet which are rich in lipids and proteins. By using these areas we ensure you get the highest concentration of active ingredients.

We also do not heat any of our products – it is freeze dried to ensure we retain quality and nutrients at the highest level.

60 capsules per bottle

Each capsule contains 500mg of Pure New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet (no additives or fillers)

Other health benefits and improvements it assists with are:

Joint inflammation
Arthritis and Gout

(Nutritional information contained here is based on research, literature and published knowledge on nutrition. Any nutritional suggestions should not be taken as medical advise. Always seek the advise of a medical practitioner before taking any supplements)


Shipping within New Zealand to a residential address is by courier at $6.50 (depending on the quantity ordered this price may differ)

International shipping is $15 (non-tracked) depending on the size of the order this may vary.

If you require tracking for your order please email [email protected] for a price.

Any duties or taxes will be met by the purchaser also if this product is shipped internationally. We advise you check your countries import requirements before purchasing.


If the product has reached you in an unsatisfactory condition and remains UNOPENED please return it for a full money back guarantee, excluding shipping costs.

Should you have ordered the wrong product from us by mistake we will gladly swap this for the product you should have ordered provided the product is returned UNOPENED.

You pay to return the product plus shipping costs and any price difference between the two products. If the product you should have ordered is cheaper we will refund the difference.

We will not refund if you have ordered the wrong product and simply want to return it.

We cannot accept any returns once the product has been opened and will not issue a refund.

Any duties or taxes will be met by the purchaser also if this product is shipped internationally. We advise you check your countries import requirements before purchasing.


We are always looking for people to sell our product – please email us on [email protected] to discuss this further.

Yes we will even consider doing drop-shipping for you!


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