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[title style=”bold-center” text=”Nutritec’s pet supplement range: supporting joint health for both dog & cats” tag_name=”h1″]

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Our pets are much loved members of the family.

Like us they need a good diet and regular exercise to feel good- especially as they get older!

Keep your dog or cat in tip top condition with Nutritec’s VelDog & VelCat vitamin supplement and give your furry friend all the benefits of Deer Antler Velvet too!





Velcat & Veldog is a complete vitamin supplement for canines and cats promoting better general health, joint mobility and improved coat and skin health.


Available online via our shop you can order a Deer Antler Velvet vitamin support system for both yourself and your pet with free delivery in NZ, and worldwide, on orders over $150.00!

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Jude S

My rescue dog loves VelDog.  He thinks he is getting a special treat that the other two younger dogs aren’t getting and takes it regularly every morning.  We have noticed an improvement in his walk since taking the tablets as he is an older dog that was slowing up.  Highly recommend to all!