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Which FAD “Way of Eating” are you trying today?

Have you watched “The Game Changers” on Netflix? I have to admit that it has certainly inspired me to change the way I eat and to understand a bit better the “Hippy Tree Huggers” that want us to EAT LESS MEAT! The impact on our environment to grow the food to feed the livestock that […]

4 Reasons Why My Pee Is Yellow!

There are many causes for this condition but we are just going to discuss 4!   1.  Medication – Many over the counter & some prescription medicine can cause your urine to turn yellow.  Some of the medications that may cause these symptoms are antibiotics, laxative and possibly some chemotherapy drugs as well.   If […]

Muscle Pain after Working Out!

Hands up if you have just started exercising and now you are in absolute agony?   What causes this?   Lactic acid or lactic acidosis is a metabolic acidosis that normally begins when your body over produces or doesn’t fully utilise the lactic acid produced and therefore the body is not able to adjust to […]

What are the Active Ingredients in Deer Antler Velvet?

Dried deer antler velvet is composed of approximately 34% ash, 12% moisture, 54% organic material, of which 10% is nitrogen and 3% fat. Composition varies from species to species and with antler maturity and region of antler studies (tip, upper, middle, base) (Church, 1999).   The growing antler contains a number of necessary cells, including […]

Deer Antler Velvet for Muscle Recovery, Immune System & So Much More!

Its huge benefits have been known to Chinese medicine for 10,000 years. We now understand the key biological factors that can dramatically improve people’s wellbeing.

Nutritec products are the result of years of research. Our scientists have developed special techniques for processing and refining the annually harvested velvet to ensure the end product retains its biochemical potency.