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Is Your Cat in Pain & You Don’t Know Why?

Is Your Cat in Pain & You Don’t Know Why? It may be arthritis, known also as osteoarthritis that causes the pain and inflammation in your cat’s joints. Although unusual in cats, arthritis tends to affect many other joints in the body also.  What Are the Symptoms of Arthritis in Cats?  Cats suffer from arthritis […]

Arthritis in Dogs!

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Is Your Dog in Pain? It very well may be as awkward for our dogs all things considered as it is in people – however, there are methods for dealing with this ailment to alleviate your pet’s torment.  What is joint pain?  Joint inflammation just signifies ‘aggravation of the joints’ and is a typical issue […]

5 Benefits of Deer Velvet…

100% Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet from Nutritec can assist with relief from painful symptoms like arthritis, improve mobility and athletic performance, and help you maintain a healthy life! Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, deer velvet can provide a lot of minerals your body needs to rejuvenate and stay healthy.