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Deer Antler Velvet is extracted by male deer or stags once per year. The Antlers are deciduous, which means that they fall off and re-grow each spring.
The name deer velvet is given to the antlers during the early stages of growth, when the soft cartilage-like tissue is covered with a furry coating.
At Nutritec we only extract Deer Antler Velvet when it is at its most potent. The Deer are not harmed in the extraction of the antlers. And we have to ensure we follow the rigorous standards set out by the SPCA and Deer Velvet industry.
We use only the Highest Quality extract processing in the world which uses all parts of the Antler – Tips/Uppers/Middle
By using the Tips, Uppers and Middle sections of the Antler we ensure that you get the highest grade Deer Velvet which are rich in lipids and proteins. By using these areas we ensure you get the highest concentration of active ingredients.
We also do not heat any of our products – it is freeze dried and cold pressed to ensure we retain quality and all of the essential nutrients that keep our product at the highest level to ensure efficacy.
Manufactured in our Ministry of Primary Industries licensed facility to international export standards.
Each capsule contains 500 mg of Pure Deer Velvet powder equivalent to 1500mg of fresh high grade Deer Velvet with NO encapsulating aids, NO artificial flavourings, NO colourings NO preservatives.
New Zealand has always maintained a very high standard in the deer velvet industry and wants to ensure it is clean, green and sustainable.
That is why we have very strict conditions on farming of deer, extraction and testing to ensure a very high quality is maintained.
All deer antlers can also be traced back to source which we can only do with strict controls and monitoring.
All our deer are grass fed also which ensures a higher quality product.
Our deer are raised on a farm but not “farmed” which makes a big difference!
Deer Velvet has many benefits and has been documented over 2000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine plus various studies world wide to support, improved circulation, immunity from cold & flu, joint health, relief from some forms of arthritis, accelerated recovery from injury and a treatment for anaemia and supports overall general well-being.
It can be used by many age ranges and has few known adverse effects, but we always support you seeking advise from a medical professional before adding this to your health regimen especially if you are on any medication.
With any type of health supplement Nutritec strongly recommends that you seek advise from your medical professional before taking any of our supplements.
(If you are on any type of blood thinner or seeking treatment for cancer – please do not take until you have had the approval from your doctor.)
With any type of health supplement Nutritec strongly recommends that you seek advise from your medical professional before taking any of our supplements.
(If you are on any type of blood thinner or seeking treatment for cancer – please do not take until you have had the approval from your doctor.)
There has been a lot of research over the years for Deer Antler Velvet with the earliest results being published by Traditional Chinese herbalists back in to the Han tomb in the Hunan Province in China where a silk scroll was discovered listing over 50 conditions for which Deer Velvet is given.
In this day and age of online information there are more recent studies down by China, Russia, Canada and New Zealand.
In the last 70 years a lot of research has been carried out and most recently AgResearch have head one such study and was led by Dr J M Suttie.
“In New Zealand , where the standards of deer farming rank among the best in the world, deer velvet has great potential as a dietary supplement that can be used to complement conventional Western therapies.” S R Haines and J M Suttie. Deer Velvet Technical manual Version 6.3 (July, 2009), Scientific Information Relating to Use of Deer Velvet as a Dietary Supplement. Deer Industry New Zealand. Pg 11-13.
For best results taking 2 first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with a big glass of water is ideal.
Never exceed the recommended daily does unless you are training for something specific or are under the care of a medical professional or nutritional expert.
If you prefer to take one in the morning and one at night this is also fine its up to you.
If you find swallowing pills to difficult than we would suggest you try our Deer Antler Velvet Oral Spray – click here to find out more –> Deer Antler Velvet Oral Spray
Nutritec have been producing deer antler velvet for many years and we pride ourselves on our quality.
  • dehydrate
  • cold press
  • no fillers
  • no preservatives
  • no sugars (Stevia is used in our oral sprays and extracts to make it taste nicer)
  • no preservatives
  • extracted once per year when antlers at the most potent
  • don’t harm the animals in extraction

Our Deer Antler Velvet capsules are Pure NZ Deer Antler Velvet we dont dilute our products down in any way by adding fillers – some fillers do not have to be disclosed on the label.
There will always be a cheaper product out there and I will always say to people you get what you pay for.
The supplement industry is no different to any other industry that cheaper is not always best. I would rather pay a little bit more for quality than sacrifice my health and well-being on an inferior product that has fillers to make the capsule look fuller.
We DO NOT put any fillers in our product – what we say is on the label is what you will get.
Always read the label to see how much Deer Antler Velvet they put in their capsules – do they say its PURE and definitely question them – do they add any fillers to their capsules as some fillers don’t need to be disclosed on the label.
Educate yourself on what you are putting into your body.

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