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Some Interesting Facts About The People of Nutritec!


Our Goal at Nutritec is to keep you fit & healthy so you can lead a long and happy life!
Nutritec as a brand has been around for nearly 10 years helping many athletes as possible with their workouts, exercise routines and general health and well being by adding more energy, increasing endurance, helping people to manage their weight and to support the body to recover after injury or illness.
Our products are unique and something that was important is that this is a sustainable and green business that does not harm the deer in any way. New Zealand is a small country far removed from the rest of the world. That means we have had to work a lot harder to maintain our lifestyles and look after our farming industry.
New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet is world class and we export a large amount of this all over the world. Nutritec is fast becoming a world class exporter of deer antler velvet and we are highly rated overseas. All our deer are grass fed, we only extract antlers once per year and the biggest part is that we use the whole antlers for our product. Other companies have been known to extract the tips (reported to be the most potent) and then sell off the rest of the antlers for a lesser price.
Although not officially graded as such like wool – Nutritec does ensure that they use the best antlers available for their product. What you buy from us is the same stuff we send overseas. WE look after our locals as well as our overseas markets.
This was why the new owners took over this brand in March of 2019 because they believed in Deer Antler Velvet and what all the products of Nutritec had to offer – world class quality.
These three people are South Island born and bred. And continue to believe in Nutritec’s clean green philosophy which is why you will never find any fillers or anything artificial in their product.
Their biggest hope is that you include Deer Antler Velvet into your life now before the ravages of time take hold and make it harder for your body to recover.

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