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Which FAD “Way of Eating” are you trying today?

Have you watched “The Game Changers” on Netflix?

I have to admit that it has certainly inspired me to change the way I eat and to understand a bit better the “Hippy Tree Huggers” that want us to EAT LESS MEAT!

The impact on our environment to grow the food to feed the livestock that we then eat is incredible.

If you haven’t watched it or don’t have Netflix find a friend that does – buy them a vegetarian pizza and watch it together.

But this has gotten me to thinking about the different FAD diets – or way of eating and I wonder is you have tried them as well.

OMAD – just looked that one up today “One Meal a Day”
Intermittent Fasting
South Beach
Pescatarian – looked that one up to and its not a religion….LOL
Jenny Craig
Weight Watchers
and on…..
and on…..
and on…..

After watching the movie our meat consumption has dropped and we are trying new things, but I’m not going full vego that’s for sure.

For me – I now only eat 2 small meals a day and try to make them more vege based and I don’t really eat fruit, but I still have a wee issue with sugar! Don’t we all – I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!

There is a difference in me that I can notice – I’m not hungry, I don’t crave carbs, I sleep well (but always have done) and I feel that in some small way by not eating meat up to three times per day I am making a difference to the planet.

FYI – Nutritec is sending out compostible courier bags as well – they cost an arm and a leg to buy but again its a small step to saving our planet.

So what is it that you have tried or are on today that you feel is making a contribution to saving the planet and yourself? What is your latest FAD and how long will it last?

The thing about changing our daily habits and our diet begins with our brain. Once we can programme it to want to eat healthy every day and make a difference we can then control the outcome.

A friend once told me that losing weight and staying healthy is 80% what we put in our mouths and 20% exercising.

I believe this to be true to but would add its 100% to do with our brain and its association with food and how we feel about ourselves. Changing our beliefs about ourselves whilst doing the other two things will definitely see us improve as we move forward.

Good luck with your journey – for some of us its not an easy one and there is so much information out there in “Internet Space” but the good thing about that is that we don’t have to spend a lot of money anymore to find what might work for us!