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A Deers’ Life

One of the most common questions we get at Nutritec is “Are the deer killed to get the deer antler velvet?”

Short answer – NO!

You will see from the very real imagery above (TUI AD) that the extraction process is very quick and low stress for the deer.

Step 1:  The happy deer is doing what deer (like babies) do best….frolic, eat, sleep and poop.

Step 2:  Once a year the happy deer meets the lovely farmer that is looking after him, in the deers happiest of happy places – the rolling hills of South Canterbury.

Step 3:  The reason why the deer antlers are removed once per year is because they are at their most potent level at this time. 

This also reduces down the harm that deer can cause to itself and others in the farmers happy field of fun, food and frolicking.

When extracting the antlers from the fun, frolicking deer a mild anesthetic is administered under SPCA approved conditions to settle the deer down.  NZ has very strict procedures on how this is done and also ensures that no anesthetic is passed into the antlers at the time of extraction.

Step 4:  Once the antlers are removed the farmer gives the deer a wee kiss and a cuddle to show his appreciation for a great growth of antlers – (this part is pure Fiction or TUI AD)

Step 5:  The deer is back doing what he knows best – fun and frolicking.

Step 6:  Don’t forget the food so he can grow another lot of antlers and get a kiss and a cuddle from the happy farmer next year!


P.S – its pooping too!