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Did The Doctor Tell You You Have Early Onset Arthritis?

Been to the doctor lately?



Have they put your muscle aches & pains down to early onset Arthritis because really they don’t actually know what’s going on?



I have been working in the space of natural supplements that revolve around deer antler velvet now for nearly 4 years.  I have taken calls from many people in the 20’s right through to their 60’s and 70’s where the doctor has diagnosed them with Arthritis in one form or another.



Why?  Well I would like to preface this by saying that I am by no means a medical expert in fact I am a trained beauty therapist that has done the first year of a nursing degree in Anatomy and Physiology so these are indeed my personal opinions.



As our body’s age it starts to break down. Various things cause this to happen, genetics, our environment, our food, water, medication and sometimes an overall unhealthy lifestyle.  We sit longer, grab convenience food, watch too much tv, don’t exercise or get enough fresh air and there just never seems enough time in the day to put ourselves first because we have a family to take care of.



We put the health and well-being of others ahead of ourselves, and then wonder why we are getting sicker faster and our rates of mental illness are sky rocketing.



We then go to our medical practitioner (they are the experts of course) who tell us “well you’re getting older” and the possibility is these aches and pains are early onset arthritis.  We may need to do more tests or “take this pill” and you will feel better. 


But what does that pill do and what are its side effects?  What other symptoms may develop because we take this pill?  How long will I have to take it and what other pills will I have to take because the first pill has given me more problems?



Did you ask them this?  Probably not because really we are in a rush and don’t have time to feel sore or to stop moving – so we take the pill because they are the experts and we are busy people so we just do it.  Sound like you?



What if we looked for other ways to treat this?  What if the reason why we are sore is because as we grow from baby’s to full grown adults our body reduces down the simple things that stop us from growing and repairing?  After all don’t need them as much!



What are these things called that we stop producing?  Well there are lots but my experience is just in knowing about 2 of these things for now. 


First Collagen and  second  Growth Factor Matrix.  Both can be put back into our bodies and help slow down the aging process and potentially reduce down the amount of aches and pains in our body and help us repair old injuries, or assist with that nagging back ache.



Collagen is vital as this is the main structural protein for the connective tissues in our body.  This is made up of amino acids that are bound together to form a triple helix which is the main component for connective tissue. 


It makes up approximately 25 to 35% of protein content found in the human body.  After awhile our body slows down on the production of collagen which is why we start getting fine lines and wrinkles and some aches and pains in our joints.


We can return this to our bodies by taking 100% Pure Marine Collagen but we need to make sure that it is pure and is from a reputable source.  There are many companies in NZ selling marine collagen from overseas – France to be specific.  Some of the fish in France have been tested and have very high metal toxins and are no good for us humans let alone the fish.  So always ask where they source the marine collagen from.


Growth Factor Matrix or IGF-1(Insulin like Growth Factor Matrix  – which is not about blood sugar levels insulin) is what we have in abundance to help our bones, skin, muscles and joints grow and repair as we grow up. 


Like Collagen once our body stops producing this are we reach or early 20’s for women and mid 20’s for men, we are more prone to injuries, joint issues and potentially early onset Arthritis….why?  Because an essential building block is missing from our life.



The Growth Factor Matrix that we talk about is found naturally in Deer Antler Velvet and is called IGF-1.  You will find that in some high profile sporting events that this is what they test for as a performance enhancing drug – because as stated before we stop producing this once we reach our mid to late 20’s



I can only write personally about my experience and everyone’s results will be different.  But for years I have had a recurring Achilles issue – often aggravated by playing netball with all the stop starting and quick changes in direction putting a lot of strain on this area.  This often recurring injury would make it difficult for me to walk in the morning as soon as I got out of bed.  However once my muscles were warmed up and stretched out I was good to go.



Then I started my journey with Deer Antler Velvet (100% pure with no fillers) and life became a little easier for me in the mornings – no stiffness when getting out of bed and an issue I had with my back also started to feel a lot better.



Now Deer Antler Velvet is not a cure!  Its not a miracle pill and potentially won’t take care of all of your issues or will Marine Collagen – after all it depends on how long you’ve had them and what these issues are.   But for me personally its made a huge difference in my life.


And remember we are introducing these essential building blocks back into our body because we simply aren’t producing it anymore!



Today is actually my 50th birthday and I wish I knew about Deer Antler Velvet  sooner.  I would now like to try and get this to people in their 30’s to prevent any of the issues that they may experience as they age.  We take our bodies for granted sometimes until its too late and we have no way back.  It may actually save us more money in the long run if we just invest a little money and energy in trying these things now.



But please do your own research.  Always look for products that are 100% pure, have no fillers and are right for you.  Ask the company selling the product where do you source your ingredient from.


We wish you the best in your journey and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate in reaching out to us.