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4 Reasons Why My Pee Is Yellow!

There are many causes for this condition but we are just going to discuss 4!


1.  Medication – Many over the counter & some prescription medicine can cause your urine to turn yellow.  Some of the medications that may cause these symptoms are antibiotics, laxative and possibly some chemotherapy drugs as well.


If your medication contains phenazopyridine (Pyridium), ironically used to treat a urinary tract infection can also cause your urine to change to an orange colour.  Another medication called Rifampin may also cause a slight change in colour.


2. Medical Condition – Some issues that effect the kidney, liver or bladder function may cause your urine to change colour.  Often times when this happens it can also be associated with pain, cloudy urine and a strong odour – these are likely symptoms of a kidney infection.  If there is ever any blood in your urine you should seek medical advise ASAP!  And for those of us that have had a Urinary Tract Infection you will know that getting to the doctor quickly for some much needed antibiotics brings some wonderful relief to all the symptoms listed above.


3. Exercise – When we exercise we lose a certain amount of hydration from our body in the form of sweat!  (Some people sweat more than others).  The external temperature in our environment may also cause us to lose more body fluids than at other times also.  So when exercising it is very important that we hydrate and also replace electrolytes back into our body.


What are Elecrolytes I hear you ask?  Well think potassium, calcium, magnesium and salt.  This is what our body releases when exercising and we need to replace them back into the body so that continues to function properly.  By not replacing these after exercise it could change your blood pressure, breathing and cause cramping in your muscles among other things.




4. Multi-Vitamins – Multi Vitamins have been sold as the “One Stop Shop” of vitamins.  Cram everything your body needs into one small pill take two a day and you will feel so much better.  In some cases this may work.  But what happens is if your body has too much of one thing that is in that capsule in abundance your body will excrete it the best way it knows how – yeap you guessed it – URINE!


And for some lucky few this causes your urine to be brighter than the yellow high-viz shirts of the “Stop/Go” man at your nearest road works!


I’m sorry but that yellow doesn’t look good on anyone let alone in your urine.


So what do you do?


Well before taking any form of multi-vitamin do your research.  For example on the news tonight was a study done by Lincoln University which looked at 10 of the most popular brands of Fish Oil.  Only 4 had the full list of ingredients and levels as stated on the label.


Speak to a nutritionist or sporting coach/advisor about what your body may need depending on your level of activity or medical condition.


Question the people selling the products at health stores and pharmacy’s.  Ask if the products have fillers in them – FYI some fillers (used to make a capsule look full so you think your getting your moneys worth) aren’t required to be listed on the labels.  If they cant answer the questions – contact the owners of the product and ask them.


Don’t just take it because its cheap!  Saving money doesn’t necessarily save your health – at the end of the day it could become expensive toilet water – URINE!


If you are looking for a multi – vitamin that is all natural, no fillers and puts back into your body over an amazing 40 key compounds and 400 active ingredients, in its most natural state that is easily absorbed into the body than you need to start researching Nutritecs 100% Pure Deer Antler Velvet.


For a real in depth look at Deer Antler Velvet with big words that can be written but not said quickly check out the other blog below.


Good luck – hydrate, research your multi-vitamins and may the pee flow freely and be pale yellow!