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Muscle Pain after Working Out!

Hands up if you have just started exercising and now you are in absolute agony?


What causes this?


Lactic acid or lactic acidosis is a metabolic acidosis that normally begins when your body over produces or doesn’t fully utilise the lactic acid produced and therefore the body is not able to adjust to the changes made.


Some people that suffer with lactic acidosis have trouble with the liver and sometimes kidneys – were they are unable to remove excess amounts of acid in the body.  If this builds up in the body quicker than the body can work to remove it acid levels in the body fluids rises.


This buildup results in an imbalance of the body’s pH level which at normal levels is more alkaline than acidic.


When there is an insufficient supply of oxygen in the muscles lactic acid builds up as the body is not able to then break down glucose and glycogen – this is called anaerobic metabolism.


When you exercise or go “hard out”at the gym you create a temporary build up of lactic acid in the body that is caused by not having enough oxygen to break down the glucose in the blood.  This can cause severe burning in your muscle groups that you were using making it uncomfortable to stand, walk, get up, get down (leg day) or even scratch you head when its arm day!


Stretching after exercise and incorporating a warm down programme into your work out routine will assist with minimizing the effects of lactic acid build up.  Better yet if its your first time exercising after a long break – take it easy.  Allow the body to slowly ease itself into the new regimen.


That doesn’t mean you slack off as some pain is good – “No Pain, No Gain” right?  But you want to remember getting into a fit state of health and well being takes time, patience and persistence.


Here are some other helpful tips and tricks for relieving the aches and pains of a hard workout



  1. Use an ice pack.

  2. Go for a massage.

  3. Stretch, stretch, stretch.

  4. Do light exercises (such as walking, swimming)

  5. Build up eccentric exercises slowly.

  6. Take a warm bath.

Good luck with your exercise routine!