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What’s in a Multi-Vitamin?


Chances are if you are taking a multi-vitamin you are doing one of 2 things!

  1.  Your taking them because you are not getting enough natural nutrients from your diet

  2.  Your taking them because you have been told by good marketers that you need them in your daily routine

The reasons above are the worst reasons for taking a multi-vitamin and here are some reasons why.

Multi-vitamins are made up large amounts of everything and probably not in the quantities that your body needs.

So therefore it ends up being expensive toilet water, as your body can only absorb so much and the rest gets excreted by the body.

Eating a well balanced diet will give you most of the nutrients that you require and if your body is lacking anything just take small doses of what is required rather than big doses of things you don’t need.

So now I know you are wondering why we would be talking about multi-vitamins and supplements when we sell Deer Antler Velvet etc.

Well the reason is that Deer Antler Velvet contains 40 key compounds and400 active ingredients in naturally occurring ratios, including the powerful protein IGF-1.

Its used to support the reduction of inflammation, assist with the repair of muscle tissues, helps blood pressure and a multitude of other uses, including helping is age gracefully.

You can take it in smaller doses for general health and well being or larger doses for therapeutic needs.

Deer Antler Velvet is the only vitamin I take to maintain my general health and well being and its the reason why I can get up in the morning without backache and hobbling like a 90 year old.