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Bone, Muscles, Joints and Aging

There was once a time you could do a cartwheel, kick your leg way above your knee cap height, or for some of us, doing the splits was as easy as bending down toward your shins and holding your calves for a count of “1…2….3….4…and up”.

As you age, and for the majority of us, we notice that these tasks become more rigid, or even a simple memory called to in a statement; “I used to be able to stretch like that” (in your imagination you see yourself being able to achieve the same capabilities Nadia Comaneci doing some out of this world aerobatic!).

As you age, your muscles become less flexible, you loose bone mass, your posture changes and so on. Try as we might to eat the right foods, exercise and diet our way through these changes, nature has a way of off setting the balance that can seem somewhat cruel. But it does not have to be your new life struggle.

Here at Nutritec, we have created a series of supplements that aide and assist your body as it goes through natures changes. Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet was engineered with this exact principle in mind. We also produced Red Alert to give you that boost you need to get going and maintain your alert self throughout the day. Release is our muscle function maximizer that will help you maintain the endurance levels you have had since you first learned to run.