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5 Benefits of Deer Velvet…

Provides Multiple Health & Well being Benefits

100% Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet health supplements can assist with relief from painful symptoms like arthritis, improve mobility and athletic performance, and help you maintain a healthy life! Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, deer velvet can provide a lot of minerals your body needs to rejuvenate and stay healthy.

Relief from the Symptoms of Arthritis & Other Ailments Naturally

100% Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet from Nutritec can assist in alleviating some specific symptoms caused in conditions like arthritis. Deer Velvet’s rejuvenating qualities help rebuild oils and the acid in joints and can accelerate the rebuilding of new tissue.

Some people that suffer from joint and muscle pain, migraines, anaemia, and chronic tiredness have also found relief once they have started taking 100% Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet from Nutritec.

Maintaining a State of Wellbeing & Assisting in Illness Prevention

100% Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet from Nutritec can be, taken as part of a health maintenance routine to maintain homeostatis (a natural state of wellbeing). Because an all natural deer velvet extract treats your whole body, it can restore imbalances and improve vitality.

Taking 100% Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet from Nutritec assists in preventing illness and an overall feeling of wellbeing, provided you also maintain an overall healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen – there is no one pill cure for staying healthy its everything. This is especially true when those winter months hit, and when infections & illness affect many people. Traditionally Asian cultures give deer velvet to children especially before the onset of the colder months to avoid winter ailments.

Increase Physical & Mental Performance using 100% Natural Deer Velvet

Taking higher doses of deer velvet can also improve physical and mental function. Top sports people and many students have found their performance improves dramatically after taking deer velvet. Research conducted by the University of Otago in New Zealand into athletic performance confirmed improvement occurred while taking 100% natural deer velvet product,

Anti Aging

While the ageing is inevitable, deer velvet can be used in the same way as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as an anti-ageing tonic. This has been used to support joint function, blood health, cholesterol, and tissue damage in the older generation. Deer velvet can also be taken as a tonic to help improve strength in older people. In TCM, deer antler velvet is used to promote wound healing also. Rapid recovery after tissue damage caused by surgery or trauma for obvious reasons is necessary and deer antler velvet supports this process of healing quickly.

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