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Which Deer Antler Velvet Supplement Should I Take?

Like anything in life it depends on what you are doing as to what is right for you and in what quantities you need to take them.

If you live an active lifestyle but not a marathon runner, body builder or CrossFit athlete you may find that you only need to take the Pure Deer Antler Velvet to aid in recovery. Assist with everyday well being. But if your exercise regimen is ramping up because you are training

This question is asked by many and not answered easily!

General Health and Therapeutic Use

Our Pure Deer Antler Velvet capsules are 100% pure New Zealand deer antler velvet and minimally processed.

This means after the deer antler velvet is extracted, it is dried, milled into a powder, and encapsulated. This allows our deer antler velvet to retain its full spectrum of approximately 40 key compounds and 400 active ingredients in their naturally state without disruption and without compromising its efficiency to deliver a top grade product.

The capsules are ingested and the nutrients are absorbed through the digestive system. Capsules are preferred because it is a pure, organic, natural, whole food that has many general health and therapeutic benefits. Lower Doses are recommend for overall general health and well being and higher dosages for therapeutic benefits.

Athletic Performance and Recovery

When we extract our Pure Deer Antler Velvet it is with the intention of isolating and maximizing the full growth factor matrix, including IGF-1, IGF-2, EGF and many more. Our high quality deer antler velvet is processed using proprietary and confidential methods that ensures purity of product and to increase the growth factor content, far beyond its normal composition.

Our extract is administered under the tongue (sublingually) and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Anyone seeking to improve their athletic performance and reduce their time recovering from injury prefer deer antler velvet extract due to the performance benefits associated with increasing IGF-1 and other growth factors in the body. Our liquids and capsules contain the same 75:1 deer antler velvet extract, but differ in potency. The tablets have four times more IGF-1 content per bottle than the liquid.


  1. General health, 1000 mg daily.

  2. Therapeutic effects, 2000 mg daily.

  3. Athletic performance, 3000 mg daily.

  4. Competitive sports, 2 ml of extract daily

  5. Professional sports, 1 tablet daily.

Capsules can be taken with or without meals.

When taken sublingually (as an oral spray), you will receive absorption rate of 95%- making this an extremely high bioavailability.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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